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Anchor Care & Rehabilitation Center

Our multi-award-winning facility has a long history of providing quality subacute rehab and long-term care to the Hazlet, NJ area and its environs. For more than a quarter of a century, we have cultivated an environment that couples warmth of care with clinical excellence.

Today, as a proud member of the Excelsior Care Group, and its progressive vision of care, we look forward to transforming Anchor Care with exciting new additions. Our round-the-clock nursing home care, high nurse-to-resident ratio, and award-winning healthcare coalesce to provide an experience of unparalleled excellence.

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As an integral part of the community, Anchor Care actively takes part in local happenings and hosts many events for the public….

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We are dedicated to our patients’ comfort and well-being. Nestled in a tranquil and scenic setting, we offer an array of amenities…

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“I love it at Anchor Care—from the doctors to the therapists to the nurses and the rest of the staff…

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Proudly Awarded

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Why Our Residents Love Us

At Anchor Care & Rehabilitation Center, we hold ourselves to high standards of providing comprehensive and individual-focused care. This has led us to be a multi-award-winning facility that our residents, and their family members, absolutely love. Just take a look at some of our glowing reviews!

Joseph Ogoe, 6/18/2024

AnchorRehab is a beautifully run facility with kind efficient and knowledgeable staff who treat the patients very professionally and provide them with the best treatment and the administration is most helpful to families

Nona Iannotta, 6/13/2024

“I’ve been visiting a man who was a pillar in our town growing up. I must say Anchor is made such a great change and it’s BEAUTIFUL in there now. Great job. Now onto the staff. My goodness MOST of the nurses and staff I’ve had interactions with are so compassionate and caring. I sat back and watched them interact with the patients and I was so impressed. Then when the food came in I couldn’t believe my eyes. The food they serve looks so delicious and they even make sure the patients/ residents are all set up. They don’t just drop the trays and leave. I’d give you a 10star Anchor if there was one because a 5star isn’t enough! God Bless you all!”

Brenda Richmond, 6/6/2024

“The staff here is amazing! Everyone has something truly special and unique to give to the residents!”

Frances Crawford, 5/23/2024

“They treated my father with the utmost care and respect , it was greatly appreciated being that my father is one the most important person in my life”

Anthony I, 4/30/2024

“Just awesome 👌”

Ola De-Smith, 4/26/2024

“Everyone seemed very nice !”

Daniel Cruoglio, 4/18/2024

“I come every eight weeks to visit my mother from South Carolina and Karen on the second floor takes such good care of my mother. I just hope whoever is the top supervisor in the building recognizes that Karen on the second floor and Daisy on the first floor has taken incredible care of my mother, thank you.”

Kenneth Thompson, 4/11/2024

“I want to thank all the CNA’S on the sub acute floor, Daisy, Lea, Hazlel, Nnika and Mimi for the wonderful care they are giving my mom, I have never seen such a group of GREAT girls that actually care about their patients, and How hard they work, they don’t stop for a minute, they make sure everyone is well taken care of. They each need to be recognized. I also need to recognize Phoebe, Gary, Nicole Christine and Elena for OUTSTANDING work they do for their patients, what a GREAT TEAM.This Truly is a wonderful Rehab to send your loved ones too, they will definitely be cared for. I also want to add Moshe is GREAT. He will help with any issues that you ask him about. what a great person.”

Lia Velitschkow, 3/28/2024

“A big difference when it’s was Regency Park New name new development again I says good place to work”

Sarah Amolegbe, 3/14/2024

“The facility was fantastic, the nursing was fantastic. Everything that I needed for my rehab was accomplished. I would highly recommend Anchor Care.”

MaryBeth Ruszczyk, 3/13/2024

“Hi, I would like to thank Moshe he is so on the ball , my wife and I had a concern about lighting in my mother in law ‘s room and in no time flat problem solved, Moshe takes time to listen and set things right, a round of applause Moshe. Thank you, Mr and Mrs Tom Lepore”

Tom Lepore, 2/29/2024

“I’m happy my dad is there it’s a very well clean facility and everyone is so pleasant.. and he even says he like it and the worker are very nice and he had a wonderful experience with everyone.. Definitely would recommend if someone need it For their families.. thank you, everyone.”

Suzann Puriza, 2/22/2024

“Moshe is a great guy. He is extremely helpful and caring. Anything that needs to get done is taken care of right away”

Fogel Faiga, 2/7/2024

“Anchor Care & Rehab concierge Moshe was welcoming and alert to any ongoing concerns. I was there for rehab after surgery. Therapy was vital and encouraging. Optimal results were provided by Kathryn, Gilda, Christina, Sondra, Isabella & Emily. My thanks to caring and skilled nurses Nicole, Abba, Gary, Phoebe, Elena & Christine. CNAs Hazel, Daisy, Nick, Aly, Nikki and Courtney are highly skilled and always caring. Cleanliness is diligently maintained. Thank you each and all.”

Marjorie Bell, 2/1/2024

“Back in December I fell and broke my hip, I was in need of a rehab center. I chose Anchor Care and Rehabilitation Center in Hazlet. I am so glad I did!
When I arrived here I noticed how nice and clean everything is. I was greeted with welcoming smiles by the staff.
The nurses were all professional especially Nicole and Gary. The aides were exceptional and saw to my every need and concern. Hazel, Daisy,Nick, Raya and Nikki were the best anyone could ask for.
The Physical therapists got me strong and back on my feet again
The dietary department served good nourishing meals.
Thank you to all of you for all you do for me and all the other residents.
The best part of all of this is I go home tomorrow!”

Jean Reynolds, 1/31/2024

“Here at Anchor Care anything that you need will be immediately addressed by Moshe the concierge. The Nurses are caring considerate and respectful. The staff in general are caring and they make you feel like you are at home. Thanks to all the people that make Anchor Care what it is today.”

Lori Campion, 1/25/2024

“I would like to thank all the staff at Anchor Care for helping me in my recovery. I had a total hip replacement, and the care I received was to be breathe taking. The facility is so clean. The staff was extremely caring and friendly. The physical and occupational department was knowledgeable and was able to help me understand the importance of all my movements to a safe and healthy recovery. As for Chaim, Avi, Mosher, and Gary, a special thanks for the care and understanding of a patient/person needs. I have worked on the other side, so being a patient at Anchor Care was the best experience I could have asked for. Sorry I wasn’t able to mention everyone name, but a huge thanks for making me feel at home.”

Kelly Roesch, 1/24/2024

“I arrived at Anchor Care after a several week stay in the hospital due to a head injury. When I first arrived i was confused, had mental processing, memory, balance, and walking issues.

Anchor Care’s professional staff provided me with a rapid recovery. They provided a speech therapist to aid with cognitive activity processes: thinking, reasoning, remembering, etc.

They provided physical therapy to address the balance and walking issues. My physical therapists were Golda and Isabel. They were very caring and patient.

Moshe the facilities’ Concierge demonstrated a genuine concern with the residents needs and desires ensuring your comfort. He diligently addresses any issues you might have.

The nurses Vicki and Tsering showed genuine compassion when dealing with the patients. They were very attentive to your wellbeing and always dispensed the prescribed medications. If you developed any medical issues they were quick to get the doctors in to examine you.

The Aides on the floor were Verneise, Patty, Ena, and Billy made sure you were comfortable and had the proper diet. If you wanted extra food they would have additional food sent up and address any hygiene needs you had.

Overall the entire staff was very pleasant and joy to work with addressing all your recovery needs and concerns.”

Michael Carhart, 1/23/2024

“ANCHOR CARE & REHABILITATION CENTER IS GREAT. They rehabilitated my father 88 year old father in 2023 and my 89 year mom is there now. I know they are also going to take great care of her. Love them staff is great ❤”

Mercedes O, 1/21/2024

“I stayed at Anchor Care and they treated me like a queen. All the nurses and aides were beautiful and treated me with great care. Daisy, Lea, Nicole, Abba, are part of the great team at anchor. Moshe the concierge was beautiful guy and anything you want you can ask of him and he will take care of it. Rehab was a great help and was able to get me to walk. I recommend this place to anyone that needs a place to recuperate.”

Angelica Kubata, 1/15/2024

“I was recently a patient at Anchor Care & Rehabilitation, a member of the Excelsior Care group for the last five months. I can’t tell you how impressed I was with their facility and medical staff including the nurses such as Christine, Gary, Abba & Irene. The CNA’s such as Hazel, Daisy, Patricia, Courtney, Aly, Nick & Rhea . I felt as if everyone went out of their way to make me feel as if I was part of their family and not only a patient. I think it is very rare to receive the type of treatment that I received at this rehabilitation center. The Ekso bionics technology which really helped me make great strides in my recovery. This place has outstanding physical and occupational therapists such as Christina, Sandra, Golda & Isabell. I really can’t say enough about this truly amazing facility along with all of their staff members.”

Alyce Dicker, 1/14/2024

“My wife and I used the facilities as patients of Anchor Care & Rehabilitation Center. We made reservations last moment due to surprised surgery. We were blessed to find such comfortable accommodations with a staff that had been trained to be professional and empathetic towards senior citizens or disabled patients. We found unanticipated surprises that made our stay so enjoyable. The room attendants were gracious with a warmness and smile to make us feel at home. The food was served promptly with selections that were interesting and tasty.
We were made to feel comfortable like a first class hotel!
As a point of personal experience, the property concierge was effective and responsive to rival the best of NewYork City.
As a final consideration, I would recommend this property with the confidence that they deliver well over expectations and complete satisfaction is a worthy goal that they strive to achieve.”

Greg Gibadlo, 1/9/2024

“My stay was very nice and I was m made comfortable. The nurses (Nicole, phoebe, Gary and Christine went above and beyond what they had to do. I am extremely thankful I had them taking care of me. The following aides were awesome: daisy, hazel, nick,Alex, and ninetka.
The girls in therapy (Emily Christine, Isabella)were great.
If it wasn’t for the above mentioned individuals I would not have been able to get through everything the way I did. They are Amazing and please acknowledge every one of them for the outstanding work they do. I am extremely grateful for them

COLEEN, 12/28/2023

“Nurses were Great”

DON O’CONNOR, 12/16/2023

“The staff here has been wonderful with my mother. From nurses to the PT they make sure my mother is taken care of!!! And the fact our dog could come visit when ever! Can’t beat that”

KARA FISLER, 12/13/2023

“Facility is clean, staff was friendly and patient very satisfied with the care she is receiving. Definitely a better appearance from Lobby, to hallways to rooms than what I’ve seen and been too.”

LISA TORRES, 12/10/2023

“Hi, I would like to thank Moshe he is so on the ball , my wife and I had a concern about lighting in my mother in law ‘s room and in no time flat problem solved, Moshe takes time to listen and set things right, a round of applause Moshe. Thank you, Mr and Mrs Tom Lepore”

TOM LEPORE, 12/6/2023

“Anchor is a wonderful facility very loving and caring ”

SANDEE T., 12/2/2023

“My motherinlaw stayed at Anchor care for about a month after hip surgery and she was very satisfied with her stay. The nurses and aides made her feel very comfortable the whole time she was there. The staff was very professional friendly and accommodating. The Rehab Center was beautiful and so clean. The physical therapy facility in Anchor Care was great! . They really helped my motherinlaw improve in her strength and ability to move around. I would definitely recommemd Anchor care to anyone who needs to recover quickly after surgery. They did an Amazing job ! 👌”

RAFIA JAVAID, 12/1/2023

“I just want to give a shout out to Moshe and the entire staff for making my wife Eleanor’s stay at Anchor care a pleasant experience. The professional care and plesantness of all the staff was appreciated. The facility was extra clean, the food was very good and there were enough activities to make the daily stay comfortable. The physical rehab facility portion was outstanding. Thanks again to all at Anchor Care!”


“My mother had a very good experience at Anchor. The nurses and therapists were knowledgeable and skilled, patient and encouraging. And the aides were wonderful and kind – especially Hazel. The facility itself was well-maintained and clean.
While the care provided was very good, there were occasional instances where response times to requests for assistance were slightly delayed. However, once the staff was made aware of the situation, they promptly addressed the issue and resolved it to our satisfaction.
I would recommend this facility to those seeking quality sub-acute rehab services.”


“I’m happy my dad is there it’s a very well clean facility and everyone is so pleasant.. and he even says he like it and the worker are very nice”

SUSANN PURIZA, 11/15/2023

“Everyone ar anchor care was very friendly. They were very informative answered all of my questions. The residents seem very happy most importantly the facility was clean.”

LYNN GUARNERI, 11/11/2023

“Great tour! Eleen was so sweet!”


“My mother was in Anchor Care for two weeks, they were great. She felt at ease and comfortable from the day she arrived to the day she was released. She couldn’t say enough great things about the concierge Moshe he was wonderful and my mother felt he really cared.”

DEBBIE DAVIS, 11/3/2023

“I arrived at Anchor Rehab after I fractured my knee cap in September. I was very upset about being there but the social worker, Annette took me outside and made me feel better. The physical therapy team was fantastic and helped me to be self efficient in my home strengthening my arms and legs. I also found the nurses aides to be very helpful and always there when I needed them. Moesha always came to to the rooms to check to make sure everything was running smoothly. The recreational committee made sure you had activities to do like pumpkin painting, bingo, games and music entertainment. Would definitely recommend this rehab.”


Great front desk awesome staff throughout. Everyone there seems to be really nice supportive helpful friendly professional all the good things you want in a place like this.

HANS OTTO, 8/16/2023

“The staff at this facility is outstanding. As a visitor there everyone was very nice.”

JOHN ENNIS, 7/21/2023

“Look you guys are great. The remodeling is going great. Was at the 2pm entertainment today. Very good time. Friendly staff made us feel very welcome. My brother was very happy and having fun.

Thank you for caring for Joe !

JAMES MAURO, 7/6/2023

“We recently visited our grandmother who is in the long term unit, we were amazed of the new renovations and amazing staff this facility has. Great Job.”


“Excellent Excellent Excellent!!
I Visited My Mother on Mothers Day, and every year the Staff is Wonderful and so patient with my Mom. Much love and respect too Anchor care and there phenomenal service and care. God Bless you all!! Xoxo ❤️”


“Every staff member I encountered on the 2nd floor and at the front desk in the lobby were wonderful, professional, very cheerful and helpful. My Uncle has difficulty speaking but when referring to the staff he was able to say “all great ” with a big smile.
I apologize as I did not write down names however this staff deserves to be recognized. I hope it will help by me telling you I was there on the the 11th, 11am to approximately 2:30 / 3pm.”


“My visit was good. The place was clean, secure and the staff was super friendly. I would recommend it for rehab or long term stay”


“Beautiful person daisy was wonderful to our 78 year old uncle and Anchor care were Ron resides
We walked In and Ron was finally eating. Thank you daisy for being so kind.”


“I would recommend Anchor Care to anyone who is looking for a facility like it. The staff is very friendly and accommodating. You get the sense that they really do care about your loved one as a PERSON. Not just a patient or a number. I’m pleasantly surprised with this place. You couldn’t leave your loved one in better hands.”


Facility was very clean, no nursing home odors, staff extremely knowledgable, helpful and delightful.

HEIDI SMITH-ASH, 8/19/2023

“This facility staff is very efficient, friendly environment. The staff make you feel very well , cared for. Especially Yitzy! The rooms are always clean and neat. Also, the food is delicious. The therapist at the facility do a great job.”


“I visited my sister there today and so happy to see she was in excellent hands. Clean professional friendly
Just a great place for her to be in while recovering. I wish this would be the norm instead of exceptional
Congratulations and thank you
Agnes Campanile”


“This center is great!!! Clean and everyone is pleasant and helpful!! My mother is there for rehabilitation and they take excellent care of her!!! Highly recommended if you need rehab!!!”

NANCY ARNONE, 4/18/2023

“They remodeled the whole place. It looks like a hotel now. A nice change for the patients. It’s not dreary anymore. Now if they could just make the food a little better. As for the care. They seem to do a good job. My mom is well taken care of.”


“2w east head nurse was informative and stayed on top of progress reports on my father when I check in on him during lunch.”

DAVID WU, 3/30/2023

“Clean environment nice staff”

HARRY GEOGE, 3/29/2023

“Nursing is excellent staff and residents are friendly great place to go for wound care”


“I was at this facility. The staff treat you like family especially yitzy he was the first staff member that i met and was helpful ever since. I highly recommend this facility.”


“This facility is a great place to rehab as the staff is very pleasant and knows their jobs. From social workers through physical therapists, they make one’s experience reassuring and positive. I would recommend this facility to friends and family in the future.”

DEBBIE SNOVER, 3/25/2023

“I highly recommend Anchor Care & Rehabilitation Center. I have worked in a professional capacity with the staff and have found them attentive, kind, and knowledgeable. The recent renovations have transformed their building into the must see in the area. Their rehab is also known for having technology not available anywhere else in the immediate area.”


“Newly renovated, beautiful facility.”


“Beautifully renovated rehabilitation facility.”

DAWN POLK, 3/3/2023

The staff is very kind and caring I’m very satisfied with everything at Anchor Care!



“I was surprised to see how well done the place is because I have not been there for a while. This place is beautiful in looks but awesome in care of their patients. I would recommend Anchor Care rehabilitation center to anyone that is out there that would like a Rehab.”


“Gorgeous facility exceptional care.”

Empire Telecom, 12/22/22

“I really enjoy my visits with my Nanny (Grandma) and it makes me so relieved that she is so well taken care of!”

Amanda Schafer, 12/17/22

Excellent clean very helpful. They listen to what I had to say about my 93-year-old father.

jennifer engelhardt, 12/10/22

The care here in anchor care is excellent nurses and aids are compassionate and effective. I recommend this facility very highly. Zenaida and Yitzy they take great care of me. Always making sure my needs are met.

Corinne Ignoscia, 11/11/22

This place is good with its patients. I feel very comfortable w my Mother in Law being there. Great staff.

Guillermina Olmeda, 11/9/22

I came to Anchor Care for physical therapy the therapy program was really good. It helped me strengthen my body which was my goal. The entire staff was nice and very helpful at all times. I would recommend Anchor care to anyone that needs a nursing rehabilitation center. I would like to say thank you to all the staff at Anchor Care!!

Andrew Wojtunik, 9/17/22

Anchor care treatment to the patients is amazing. Nurse and Aides are very caring. The department heads are always there for me when I need them. They always make the time to speak to me. When ever I have questions The social worker always come to speak to me they are great. The housekeeper always come to make sure the rooms are neat. The therapist I noticed are very well trained to make sure the patients are well taken care of.

Carlos O., 8/23/22


Get In Touch

If you have any questions or want to schedule a tour, please do not hesitate to reach out. We welcome personal tours and would love to show you around Anchor Care & Rehabilitation Center.

Please give us a call at 732.264.5800 to schedule a tour at your convenience.

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Hazlet, New Jersey