If you are somebody who is seeking help to regain strength or complete a recovery, then Post Acute Care Union Beach is or you. Anchor Care and Rehabilitation has services in which they guide you and provide you with assistance with tasks you may need help with.

These tasks are typically daily activities. Daily activities include brushing teeth, showering, and more. These are tasks that are a part of our everyday living. The staff at Anchor Care and Rehabilitation will work with you and will focus on giving you back your independent lifestyle.

In addition, Anchor Care offers many more services for rehabilitation.

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The staff at Anchor Care and Rehabilitation wants to see improvement within your recovery. Also, they want to help you to see the progress and results that you desire.

You can be confident that when you are receiving Post Acute Care from the medical team at Anchor Care, you are in good hands. The medical team consists of experienced specialists who look to encourage, assist and walk you through your recovery.

There are many physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech therapists on site.

Also, the staff at Anchor Care and Rehabilitation look to help you in a timely manner. They understand that you want to be home. This is why they provide not only accurate and high quality care, but care that has quick and effective results.

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Post Acute Care Union Beach is one of many services that are available at Anchor Care and Rehabilitation. They also have rehab care for more specific needs and situations that residents may need recovery for. However, you can learn about Post Acute Care, and all the other types of care available when you go online and visit their website at any time.

Also, please browse through our amenities & rehabilitation programs.