Would you like to know more about the Stroke Rehabilitation provided by Anchor Care and Rehabilitation? If you live in Keyport, this facility is just a short drive away.  This means that family and friends will be able to visit you regularly while you get the care you need.

While being surrounded by your loved ones is great, it’s more important to get the right care.  Your stay in a facility is only temporary, but the benefits (or consequences) will last a lifetime.

You see, it’s critically important to receive intensive Stroke Rehabilitation as quickly after the event as possible.  The goal is 24 – 48 hours as long as the patient is stable.  That’s why you should look into Anchor Care, especially if you live in nearby Keyport.

Stroke Rehabilitation Services

It may be necessary for you to relearn how to walk, communicate or dress.  It all depends on how severe the stroke and what area was affected.  By choosing a facility such as Anchor Care and Rehabilitation, you can rest assured knowing you are receiving the best care possible.

Anchor Care is now part of the Excelsior Care Group.  That means that no matter what type of care you require, including Stroke Rehabilitation, you can trust that it is state of the art.  Excelsior Care Group insists on providing top notch quality care.

They employ only the highest skilled professionals that share their core values. Keyport residents be assured.   Your loved ones will be attended to by extensively trained staff.  Each staff member meets the highest  standards.  Excelsior sets the bar in the healthcare industry.

Find Stroke Rehabilitation Near Me

As a result, your loved on will be on the road to recovery from the minute they enter the doors of Anchor Care and Rehabilitation.  Therapists, nurses, physicians and staff will tailor a personalized care plan that will render and promote swift healing.

The plan has only one goal.  That is to help you regain as much function as possible. Secondly, they will help you return home as swiftly as safety allows.

Call (732) 264-5800get in touch with a representative, also please feel free to browse through our amenities & rehabilitation programs.