Did you know that Anchor Care and Rehabilitation provides stellar Stroke Rehabilitation?

They serve all of Monmouth County and the surrounding area.  If your loved one is hospitalized right now from suffering a stroke, you need to act fast!  It’s vital to get intensive rehabilitation as soon after the event if possible.  As long as the patient is stable, they can be moved to a facility within 24 – 48 hours.

Don’t be discouraged if you see that your loved one is dealing with severe after effects.  Their stroke caused a brain injury.  With the right staff, you will see great gains in your loved one’s progress.

Stroke Rehab Care In Monmouth County

Anchor Care and Rehabilitation employs a team of extensively trained therapists and nurses to serve Monmouth County.  Together they will draw up a rehab intensive Stroke Rehabilitation regimen that focuses on mobility.

Therapies will be provided to regain the ability to move independently and communicate.  You can expect to see Occupational Therapists work to help regain fine motor skills.  Over time and with hard work, your loved one will experience progress.

Keep in mind that there can be residual long lasting effects.  Our brains can heal, but if the bleeding from the stroke is severe the brain could suffer some permanent injury.  The staff at Anchor Care receive ongoing training in state of the art therapies and modalities.

They will do everything they can to have your loved one regain their skills.  However, if there is resulting paralysis, the team will include Stroke Rehabilitation that focuses on being able to get dressed with just one arm for example.  They will do everything in their power to make it possible for you to live life to its fullest despite any permanent residual effects.

Find Stroke Rehabilitation Services Near Me

If you live in Monmouth County, you can count on all of the rehabilitative services that are available to you. Visit Anchor Care and Rehabilitation to find out more!