Anchor Care and Rehabilitation has many different kinds of rehab services. However, if you are suffering from lack of strength when it comes to completing everyday tasks, Sub Acute Care Keyport is perfect for you.

These services can help you to regain your strength back. The medical professionals at Anchor Care and Rehabilitation will work with you and do different activities with you until you have completed a full recovery. However, they are aware of the fact that you want to return home as soon as possible. They are able to provide quality work in a timely manner.

Sub Acute Care In Keyport

While you are being provided with Sub Acute Care, you have an opportunity to appreciate all that the facility of Anchor Care and Rehabilitation has to offer.

There are several great amenities for residents to enjoy. For residents who love to get lost in books, you can find your way to the fully stocked library. In addition, residents are able to enjoy the family room, lounges, and beautiful outside patios that are available.

Anchor Care and Rehabilitation also has WIFI and Cable available to their residents. In addition, they offer many other kinds of rehabilitation services. These can include pulmonary care, orthopedic care, spinal care, and other more serious types of rehabilitation.

The experienced staff look to help you through your rehabilitation process no matter what you are recovering from. They provide great encouragement and support through everything. Another great amenity that residents are able to enjoy is the expansive state of the art rehab gym.

Find Sub Acute Care Near Me

For many people Sub Acute Care Keyport is very helpful, and allows individuals to return back to their independent lifestyle. If you are interested in gaining back your independence, you should visit Anchor Care and Rehabilitation online at their website, please feel free to browse through our amenities & rehabilitation programs.